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GREF-promotional umbrellas are an investment in the reputation of your company, because who advertises is perceived.

The family GREF is Germany's oldest umbrella importer - since 1947 with its headquarters in Regensburg, Germany.
GREF-Schirme provide umbrellas and promotional umbrellas to industrial, wholesale and commercial advertising customers, worldwide.
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Order manufactured umbrellas

Your own fashion label
Private Label Production
Own Label Production
White Label Production

In addition to our solid color umbrellas for logo printing, we also provide umbrellas in your desired printed design. Here is the fabric printed first. The art of producing high-quality umbrellas is in pre-cut of the umbrella panels from the fabric and the sewing up of the panels, so that the pattern from panel to panel aligned.
We have been working for decades with partner companies in Asia who have mastered this craft perfectly. Your advantage is in addition to price, the free configurability of the umbrella in material selection, handle shape, packaging, etc., as even the umbrella frame and the fabric can be made individually for you.

Examples of printed design order manufacturing

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